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Who We Are

DeMorais International is a design-focused consulting and distribution firm based in the United States. Our mission is to share a highly curated collection of unique, distinguished products with the design community while simultaneously offering service beyond compare.

DeMorais International encompasses numerous luxury European and U.S. brands that are as distinctive in style as they are in allure. The brands we represent are synonymous with design, nobility, craftsmanship, and excellence. We offer a wide scope of products and services ranging from professional design insight, to sourcing the piece of your dreams. From furniture and lighting, to fur throws and leather wall tiles, we consistently exceed every need and expectation.

Why Us?

DeMorais International is active in every aspect of design. Whether you need assistance in finding a seemingly non-existent product, detailed design advice, or you would like to take your company to the next level in the U.S. market, we have you covered.

While working with DI the logistic and language barriers that are often encountered when ordering from companies overseas are alleviated; all inquiries, quotes and orders are processed through our U.S. office, ensuring prompt and detailed attention to your needs.

We understand the challenges that can occur when purchasing high-end décor products. Therefore, backed by a talented team of product specialists, interior designers and branding experts, we strive to make sure that from the moment you fall in love with a piece, it is perfectly crafted and at your door as soon as possible. Consider our customer service team an extension of your business. We will always go above and beyond to assist you.

Need Help Finding Something?

Let our knowledgeable design concierges provide input and assist you in sourcing the perfect piece(s). Our team travels to all major international design shows with extensive wish lists from interior designers and design aficionados. Whatever your design wishes, our dedicated team of design insiders are ready to grant them.

Need an Interior Designer?

DI Design Studio provides the opportunity to personally collaborate with our talented team of interior designers and product specialists. We strive to create and develop spaces that exude style, tailored to your taste. We offer the complete interior design experience through our studio, and our eclectic network of global designers.

Want to Enter the US Marketplace?

DeMorais International eases the complications of international sales and distribution, leaving you more time to design and craft your luxurious masterpieces! With decades of experience in the luxury interior design and furniture industry, DI understands the needs of high-end interior designers, and what it takes to obtain a premier market position in the U.S.

In addition to the benefits of being validated by the DeMorais name and the collective of vetted brands we represent, we alleviate the logistic and language barriers that are too often encountered by consumers when ordering from overseas. All U.S. inquiries, quotes and orders are processed through our U.S. offices, ensuring prompt and detailed attention to the needs and desires of our shared customers. You can rest assured your brand is backed by a talented team of product specialists and luxury brand consultants.

However, we are not merely a distributer, we are also a consulting company. Looking to tailor your approach for the U.S. market? Wondering where you should exhibit or spend ad dollars? Thinking about launching a new product or collection? With our extensive internal knowledge and external network of luxury and design experts, we are able to assist you with recommendations and solutions for any of your sales, marketing, business strategy or innovation needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Send a brief e-mail with your name and contact information to and one of our top specialists will provide a prompt response.

DeMorais Bespoke
DeMorais Bespoke

Create the Perfect Piece!

Exhausted searching for the perfect piece? Bring your dreams to life with our Bespoke Studio! Tell us what you have in mind: colors, dimensions, textiles, textures—you name it. A DI product specialist will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the full experience, while skilled artisans work diligently to make that special piece a fully-customized reality.

DeMorais Bespoke

Create Your Own Product Line!

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own décor collection—let DI help you bring this dream to reality! With extensive experience in the luxury design and décor industry, an amazing inhouse team of branding, sales and marketing specialists, and an extensive network of resources, DI is the perfect partner to help you create your own line.

We know what it takes for a décor brand to obtain a premier market position and through our services and ongoing sales through DI we will do everything in our power to make your line a success!

We offer the following services for creating your own collection – available a la carte or as a package. Pricing provided upon request.

• Strategy
• Tools

• Design
• Material Sourcing
• Production
• Prototypes

Sales & Marketing – Online & Offline