Jay  Screen  Boca Do Lobo Love HappensJay  Screen  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens
Jay  Screen  Boca Do Lobo Love Happens

Jay Screen by Boca Do Lobo

Jay screen is an enigmatic piece with its own personality and a very beautiful pattern. This unique piece of furniture lends an attractive presence to any room. This gorgeous handcrafted folding screen is made with wooden panels. The four panels can be folded away for easy storage. This is an exquisite piece that adds artistic beauty to any home decor. The Jay folding screen is available in either oak, beech tree or mahogany wood. Each of these are lacquered and available in two colors (white or black).

Folding screen divided in three tabs. Hinges are made from nickel-plated piano.

W 140cm | 52.12'' D 2cm | 0.79'' H 190cm | 74.8''

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