Delphi  Screen  Brabbu Love HappensDelphi  Screen  Brabbu Love Happens
Delphi  Screen  Brabbu Love Happens

Delphi Screen by Brabbu

Back to a world of magic and wonder, where the ancient world’s most famous oracle prophesied the futures of kings and countries. DELPHI, the holiest site of ancient Greece, is recreated in this screen to bring oracle to life through its bird’s eye root veneer and elm root veneer. Recalling traditional techniques to DELPHI screen using hammered brass, gives the dramatic and strong finish to it, making your living room a true desirable environment to disclose.

Structure in brass Panels in bird’s eye wood veneer, elm root wood veneer and brass aged patina

W 166 cm | 65.35'' D 3 cm | 1.18'' H 185 cm | 72.83''

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